The Larson Family

Samantha loved her session so much, she asked me to share them with you all!  And since I loved this session so much (how can you not love a session when baby dimples are involved, right?!), I decided I DEFINITELY needed to blog it!   Check it out!

Mr. & Mrs. Corle

September 9, 2017

If you want to know how we live around here, just check out this wedding!  We love to have fun, laugh, go all night, and celebrate life with those who are family to us. 

Brandon & Randi, you captured the essence of what life is all about on the night you were married.  May you enjoy years upon years of happiness!   (And lots more cute babies!!!!!)

Ceremony & Reception:  Camp Coffman, Cranberry PA
Hair and Makeup:  Kate's Hair Studio, Clarion PA

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell

August 26, 2017

There are certain couples you know you won't forget.  For me, this is the unforgettable couple.  The way Alex looked at Hannah as they stood at the alter, I recognized that same look from when I first met them.  He knows he has the whole world now.  Just look for yourself.....

Ceremony and Reception:  ChestnutRidge Golf Resort
DJ:  Jessica McKelvey

The Miles Kids

I have been photographing this family for a few years now.  And I hate to play favorites, but they are definitely one of them!  So you have Ryan, who likes getting his picture taken more than he lets on.  Then there's Harper who is a natural-born model, with just the right amount of Diva.  And last but not least, Calista, who is spunky and her personality is on full display in her photos!  And we must not forget the outfits!  In every photo you see, they are dressed to the nines!

I'm always excited and giddy when I get the "It's picture time!" message from Nancee!  It's a guarantee that the session will be incredible, and will leave me eager to get to work!


Mr. & Mrs. Williams!

I knew the moment I met Danielle and Tyler that their wedding was going to be a night to remember.  How could it not be with one of their venues being PNC Park!? Their fun personalities, their easy-going style, and Danielle's infectious laugh made it so easy to work with them.  

Then there was the magic.....   These two are madly in love.  Magically in love.  There is an undeniable spark that left many in tears watching them dance their first dance as if they were the only two in the room.   It was an honor to capture these memories.  

Danielle & Tyler - I can't wait for you to see what I saw on your wedding day. It's truly a wedding I will never forget!   Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for having me!  Congratulations and here's to  a lifetime of happiness and memories!


Brandon & Randi ~ ENGAGED!!!

A boy. A girl. And their farm.  These two are living the good life on their picturesque farm land.  Their hearts are full with love for each other, a faithful pup, lots of family, Sunday dinners, and a baby on the way!.  What else do you need in life?  Brandon and Randi, thank you for letting me into a piece of your world for an evening!  Your life is blessed!

Dustin & Andrea ~ MARRIED!

At the quaint Grace Lutheran Church in Clarion, Dustin and Andrea were married on September 17th, 2016.  I have had the pleasure of getting to know this lovely couple, and could not be happier for them!  Here is a look back on their special day.  

The Reception was held at Pine Crest Country Club.  Entertainment for the evening provided by Master Blaster DJ services.  Special thank you to Heather Bish for helping to capture the memories of the day.

Alex & Hannah ~ ENGAGED!!!

Ladies - Go find yourself a man like Alex.  One who will look out for you, care for you, show undoubted love for you, and treat you as his most prized possession. If you do, you will be as fortunate as Hannah.  I felt so much love between these two, and it was just their engagement shoot!  I can't even begin to imagine what their wedding day will be like.  If you plan to be there, you better bring your tissues! 

The Carulli Family

I think I may have blogged too many pictures.  But tell me, what is a gal supposed to do when EVERY SINGLE ONE is perfection?  I mean, perfection is what you will inevitably get when you combine, a vibrant red-head, a loving husband (who was the one to request the photos of just the two of them by the way!), a spunky girl, a bashful baby-faced boy, and a one year old in pink!  Carulli Family - it was my pleasure laughing with you that evening.  Enjoy!

The Hartle Family

Some siblings, while they love each other, have the hardest time getting along.  But these 2 genuinely LIKE each other! They are good kids.  Good job, Rod and Misty!  Aiden and Ainsley, now you have a reputation to live up to!  I'll see you at school!

So THIS is life with a newborn and 3 yr. old!

The Meterko family and I had a lot of laughs during this photo shoot.  As parents know, 3 year olds have very independent and free spirits.  There is no exception here.....Meet Brayden.  Why would I sit HERE when there is a perfectly good tree waiting for me to climb it?  Why would I hold these blocks when they are perfect for practicing my juggling skills? Sit on my parents lap?  But they make the perfect jungle gym!!!  Those are great questions, Brayden!  You do you and act like a kid for as long as you possibly can.  Children grow up too fast. 

You must also meet Cameron.  He reminds me so much of my 2nd born....go with the flow and laid back.  He smiled, he cooed, he snuggled.  His older brother adores him, but I think he's ready for him to play cars and trucks with him!

Thank you, Christy and Adam, for having me capture the life you live.  You are made to be a mom of little boys and I know you cherish every moment!

The Baer Family

Sherri's first maternity shoot when she was pregnant with Bella is still my favorite maternity shoot to date. Sherri is expecting again, and this time Bella got to take a more active role in her Mommy's maternity shoot - making it even better than the first! Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your bouncing-baby-boy!

The Miles Kids

I didn't want to stop editing this session.  Like, ever. I mean....look at them!  These kids are so adorable and photogenic.  I get good photos of them EVERY. TIME.  Without further ado - Ryan, Calista, & Harper.

Jon & Wendyl ~ MARRIED!

My sweet friend, Wendyl, married the love of her life on May 28, 2016.  Stealing the show was their spunky little daughter, Violet!  Rightly so, too, since she is an important symbol of Jon and Wendyl's love for each other. All who know this family have the fortunate opportunity of witnessing, first-hand, a beautiful love story being written; one full of life, triumph, dedication, and the love that binds them all together. 

Thank you, Jon and Wendyl, for allowing me to capture these moments for you!

Nick & Andrea O'Brien ~ MARRIED!

I met Andrea years ago.  She is sweet, honest, and compassionate with just the right amount of goofiness.  Years later I met Nick at their engagement photo session and I knew within minutes that he was the right fit for her.   A month ago, they joined their lives in marriage.  The day may have been a rainy one, but their love and non-stop smiles were all the sunshine that was needed. 

Nick and Andrea, it was my joy and honor to capture the memories of your day.  Now for a trip down memory lane...

Vendors provided by:

Good Shephard United Methodist Church, Tionesta

House Rockers DJ Services By Jaime Simpson, Pittsburgh  

St. Michael's Social Hall, Fryburg

Phillips-Kifer Flowers, Clarion

Jon, Wendyl, & Violet

If you know Wendyl, then you know one of the nicest, sweetest, most genuine people you will ever meet. I was excited when she asked me to photograph a family session because it gave me the opportunity to get to know her, Jon, and Violet.

I had so much fun chasing Violet through the flowers!  Hope we get to do it again sometime!